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Used Nissan X-Trail for Sale

Live the X-Trail lifestyle with an affordable Used Nissan X-Trail for Sale at Group 1 in Kuils River, Stellenbosch, Uitenhage, Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth. The advanced design and exceptional SUV features found in all new and Used X-Trail models ensure that each and every one of our pre-owned versions of this iconic Nissan never date and look as fresh on the road today as they did in the year in which they rolled off the production line.

Please Note! Due to the popularity of our second-hand Nissan X-Trails, the vehicles on this page are snapped up rather quickly. We therefore suggest that you contact us as soon as possible if you see a Used X-Trail for Sale that suits your budget, lifestyle or family needs.

Why Choose a Pre-Owned X-Trail?

The first generation was released as the Nissan X-Trail 2000 and kept the look until the X-Trail 2007 model. Since then a second and third generation Nissan X-Trail has been introduced, with numerous year models breaking sales records across the globe.

Currently there are a number of Pre-owned Nissan X-Trail’s that continue to sell exceptionally well at our Showrooms in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. These include, but are not limited to, the following Used X-Trail Year Models:

  • Nissan X-Trail 2017 Models (including Nissan X-Trail Demo Models for Sale)
  • Nissan X-Trail 2016 Models
  • Nissan X-Trail 2015 Models
  • Nissan X-Trail 2014 Models
  • Nissan X-Trail 2013 Models
  • Nissan X-Trail 2012 Models

Currently the third generation of X-Trail is available and features updated engines, styling and designs incorporated from Nissan’s other Crossover vehicles. These are also on the odd occasion available to purchase from our showrooms as a Nissan X-Trail Demo Model.

1st Generation Nissan X-Trail
2000 – 2007

First unveiled to the driving public and motor journalists at the 2000 Paris Motor Show, the X-Trail hit sales floors in Japan the same year and was an instant hit. Its adventurous SUV appeal was blended with a sedan’s driving and safety sensibilities, which appealed to family car owners from the moment it was first driven. Due to its instant hit status, it was quickly rolled out across the globe, with a number of memorable X-Trail derivatives and upgrades being launched between the time of its launch in 2000 until the final first-generation models were sold. The two biggest facelifts and spec changes took place in the X-Trail 2005 and the X-Trail 2007.

Did You Know? Due to its robust nature the 1st generation Nissan X-trail is still manufactured and sold in certain countries across Latin America. Known as the X-Trail Classic, the enduring popularity of this generation of X-Trail has seen this model become one of the biggest selling Nissan SUV’s in the history of the company. Which if you think about it, is no mean feat for an automotive manufacturer that is internationally known for its high-quality SUV ranges.

1st Generation Nissan X-Trail at a Glance

Power Train


  • 2.0L 140 hp, 104 kW Petrol
  • 2.5L 178 hp, 133 kW Petrol
  • 2.0L 280 hp, 206 kW Petrol
  • 2.2L Diesel (hp and kW specs unavailable at this time)


  • 4-speed automatic
  • 5-speed manual
  • 6-speed manual

Also Known As

  • Nissan X-Trail Classic

Assembled In

  • Japan: October 2000–2007
  • Thailand & Indonesia: 2001–2008
  • Latin America: 2002–present
  • Taiwan: 2002–2009


  • 2,624 mm

Production Platform

  • Nissan FF-S platform

2nd Generation Nissan X-Trail
2007 – 2013

The 2008 Nissan X-Trail became the first of the Second-Generation X-Trails to be launched and was first seen at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Japan was once again the first country to receive the X-Trail for Sale, with launches in Europe, Mexico, Australia and South Africa following shortly afterwards. This generation of X-Trail has proven to be an immense hit in the South African used car market, as it was considerably larger than the first-generation of X-trail. The one and only major facelift for the second-generation X-Trail was launched in July 2010, and it is this vehicle that we so often think of when envisaging a previous generation of Used X-Trail for Sale.

Did You Know? There was an extremely limited amount of UK exclusive Nissan X-Trail Platinum SUV’s launched in Great Britain in 2012. With only 200 of these vehicles ever made available, they have become a sort after collector’s piece across the globe. Although it is believed that one of these rare vehicles was imported to Africa, it is not known if it is currently in South Africa or one of the neighbouring countries. If we do ever find out the whereabouts of this X-Trail however, you can be sure that we’ll write about it in our popular Nissan Blog.

2nd Generation Nissan X-Trail at a Glance

Power Train


  • 2.0 L Petrol
  • 2.0 L Petrol
  • 2.5 L Petrol
  • 2.0 L Diesel


  • 6-speed manual
  • 6-speed automatic
  • CVT

Also Known As

  • Dongfeng Fengdu MX6

Assembled In

  • Japan: 2007–2013
  • Thailand & Indonesia: 2007–2014
  • Latin America: 2007–present
  • China: 2015–present


  • 2,629 mm

Production Platform

  • Nissan C platform

3rd Generation Nissan X-Trail
2013 – present

The current Nissan X-Trail is built using the Nissan/Renault Common Module Family (CMF) platform, and it has design stylings inspired by the current generation Nissan Qashqai, as well as the latest Murano (unavailable in South Africa), and the Nissan Patrol. First unveiled in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, sales of this generation X-Trail for the third time commenced first in Japan. X-Trail international sales the commenced in China, Australia and Europe in 2014. Africa was one of the last regions to receive this generation of X-Trail, and all regions (including Africa) have now also received a facelifted version of the X-Trail 2017 model during the course of the 2017 sales year.

Did You Know? Back in 2015 Nissan announced that it would be launching a hybrid version of the X-Trail in Japan sometime before 2020. This version of the New Nissan X-Trail SUV has a claimed fuel economy of 4.9 l/100 km, which could revolutionise the way we drive and consume fossil fuels. Let’s hope that when this version of the X-Trail launches it is at some point made available in South Africa.

3rd Generation Nissan X-Trail at a Glance

Power Train


  • 1.6 8V Petrol
  • 1.6 16V Petrol
  • 1.5dCi Diesel


  • 5-speed manual

Also Known As

  • Nissan Rogue

Assembled In

  • UJapan: 2013–present
  • Indonesia: 2014–present
  • Thailand: 2014–present
  • South Korea: 2014–present
  • Taiwan: 2015–present


  • 2,705 mm

Production Platform

  • Nissan CMF platform

Did you know? All Pre-Owned Nissan X-Trail SUV’s sold by Group 1 in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape are all backed by the Group 1 Nissan Valid Value Quality Promise. Contact one of our used car showrooms to find out more.

What is Valid Value?

With our Nissan Valid Value Promise, buying a second-hand Nissan X-Trail means that you are getting a thoroughly inspected and reliable vehicle at the most competitive price. The X-Trail is a very popular model and seldom stays on our floors for long, so if you see a model you like contact one showrooms in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Uitenhage or Port Elizabeth.

Reliable Pre-Owned Nissan X-Trail for Sale

When you take one of our Pre-Owned Nissan X-Trails that are for sale in our showrooms for a test drive, you’ll soon experience why this SUV redefines the way 4×4’s feel on the road. Its strong form and durable body features are built to work hard and play even harder.

There are a number of standard safety and security features found on all of the Pre-Owned Nissan X-Trail’s for Sale, including:

  • ABS
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
  • Brake Assist (BA)
  • High mounted stop lamp
  • Driver and passenger front airbag
  • Driver and passenger curtain Airbag
  • ISOFIX attachment points for child safety seats
  • Nissan DataDot
  • Immobiliser
  • Used Nissan X-Trail Prices

Find out exactly why a Used Nissan X-Trail is one of the most sort after compact SUV in South Africa when you contact us at one of our showrooms in the Western or Eastern Cape today!

Used Nissan X-Trail Prices

The Used Nissan X-Trail Prices available on this site are dependent on vehicle age, mileage and driving history. Please discuss any pricing queries that you may have with one of our used Nissan sales representatives at a Group 1 Nissan Showroom closest to you.

Older Model X-Trail Specs

For your convenience we’ve put together as many of the older model Used X-Trail SUV’s for Sale at Group 1 Nissan that we have been able to source. This is an ongoing process, which will allow us to establish an online brochure resource for all old and new Nissan X-Trails moving forward. If you are interested in taking a look at any of the previous generation or year model X-Trail Specs, then please feel free to use this resource below:

  • Used Nissan X-Trail 2017 Brochure
  • Used Nissan X-Trail 2016 Brochure
  • Used Nissan X-Trail 2015 Brochure
  • Used Nissan X-Trail 2014 Brochure

    Used Nissan X-Trail 2013 Brochure

    Used Nissan X-Trail 2012 Brochure

    Used Nissan X-Trail 2011 Brochure

    Used Nissan X-Trail 2010 Brochure

    Used Nissan X-Trail 2009 Brochure

    Used Nissan X-Trail 2008 Brochure

    Used Nissan X-Trail 2007 Brochure

Looking for a Used Nissan X-Trail in Cape Town?

You can purchase a Used Nissan X-Trail in Cape Town at one of our branches in Kuils River or Stellenbosch:

Buy a Used Nissan X-Trail in Kuils River
Tel: 0219005200

Purchase a Used Nissan X-Trail in Stellenbosch
Tel: 0218876900

Looking for a Used Nissan X-Trail in Gauteng?

If you’re looking for a Pre-owned Nissan X-Trail, contact Group 1 Nissan The Glen today:

Group 1 Nissan Gauteng
Tel: 010 593 4393

Looking for a Used Nissan X-Trail in the Eastern Cape?

All Used Nissan X-Trail SUV’s that are for sale in Port Elizabeth via Group 1 can be purchased at the Group 1 branches in Uitenhage and PE.

You can call the showrooms on:

Group 1 Used Cars in Port Elizabeth
Tel: 041 994 1800

Group 1 Nissan in Uitenhage
Tel: 041 994 1800

Book a Used Nissan X-Trail Test Drive

Find out exactly why a Used Nissan X-Trail is one of the most sort after compact SUV’s in South Africa when you contact us at one of our Group 1 showrooms in Gauteng, or the Western and Eastern Cape today!


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