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There is nothing quite like driving off in a brand new Nissan, but for many savvy buyers Nissan Demo models are often far more sought after than a brand new model. Demo models offer new owners all the benefits of a brand new Nissan, but with an even better price.

Used Nissan Vehicles Versus Nissan Demo Vehicles

What is the difference between a demo car and a used car?

  • A demo, demonstrator or demonstration model is a vehicle that has not yet been purchased, registered or owned by anyone. It will however have been driven by staff and test-driven by potential buyers at a dealership and therefore have acquired some mileage.
  • A used car as opposed to a demo car has been purchased and is registered in an individual or company’s name.

There certainly are benefits when buying a new vehicle and financial perks when buying used. However, if you want the best of both worlds, a Nissan demo car should really top your list. Already our most sought after Nissan Demo Cars for Sale are:

Hyundai X-Trail

Rugged Nissan X-Trail Demo Cars

Designed to take you on an adventure, the Nissan X-Trail demo is immensely popular throughout South Africa.

Hyundai Qashqai

Beautiful Nissan Qashqai Demo Models

Whether you are looking for an urban work of art or a tough explorer, a Nissan Qashqai demo model is your perfect vehicle.

Hyundai Navara

Nissan Navara Demo Vehicles Taking you Places

With a load capacity of over 1100kgs, the Navara is a tough as you can get. No wonder the Nissan Navara demo is so popular!

Great Reasons to Buy a Nissan Demo Model

Most dealerships will have demo cars for sale, even if they are not advertised. They make for a very clever purchase option as you’ll get an almost new vehicle with very low mileage and an attractive price tag. If any extras have been fitted, you’ll likely not have to pay for them and of course the remainder of any service plans, maintenance plans and warranties will still be valid when you take ownership.

Best of all, if there are any issues with the demo car, the dealer will attend to it!

Nissan Demo Cars for Sale: What to Look For

While buying a demo Nissan car is a great idea, there are a few things that you’ll need to check up before purchasing:

  • Ask for a full service or maintenance history if any prior work has been done on the vehicle
  • Enquire about the terms and conditions of any applicable service or maintenance plans and manufacturer warranties
  • Inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle to ensure all is to your satisfaction

Why choose a Nissan demo car?

Nissan has a wide range of hatches, sedans, crossovers, SUVs and pickups along with the automaker’s comprehensive factory warranty and countrywide dealership network allow Nissan owners to drive with complete peace of mind. Nissan’s reputation for delivering top quality products furthermore ensure demo car buyers that these vehicles will retain their value should they choose to trade them in at a later stage.

If you require more information about Nissan Demo Cars, contact Group1 Nissan today.


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